Why your Website Pages be AMP Enabled?

AMP is all about accelerated mobile pages which allow the web pages to load faster and therefore it appears on mobile devices much faster. It is especially meant for mobile devices. Considering the growing trend of mobile usages, businesses have adapted the mobile friendly option to make visible their business pages easily to their customers through the hand held devices also.

Why your Website be AMP Enabled

The influence of AMP enabled pages are much faster and effective due to the fast loading of the pages even if the network is not of high speed. As these days more and more people are going to access any website or service through their mobile, there is every possibility that they will reach you easily and faster with AMP pages which is also the major goal of the AMP pages – to reach your customers easily and faster.

Accelerated Mobile Pages would ensure that the pages having the graphics and relevant information in the form of videos, animations, and images must be easily accessible using a handset. It will also to a great extent address the performance issues with media-rich pages of the websites.

Faster and Easy Access to your Website to your Customers / Visitors

Being a publisher you major focus is on delivering the rich, engaging, useful and meaningful content to your visitors to gain more conversions. If due to poor loading time of website your visitor is not able to access your page over a network, they would not be able to engage with your business and fail to see your content and leave. Having an AMP page will not allow your visitors to leave your website as it will boost the loading time and optimize the performance of your website on mobile devices leading to improved user experience.

Faster Distribution of Content

The AMP pages would also help to distribute the recently published content or any news article in any part of the world instantly. It would be available to access instantly across the globe on all the mobile devices. This is possible using a new approach to cache. Once any webmaster publishes content, although it will be hosted on its servers, it will get distributed through Google’s global cache server that allows any mobile user to access the content immediately.

Monetize Ads Enables Pages

If your web pages are Ads enabled, and you are using AMP, it will help you improve your Ad networks and Ad formats. It ensures that the high speed web pages go hand in hand with the Ad formats, displays, and it makes the shift smooth for content publishers, advertisers, and customers alike.

Improves SEO and Search Rankings

Due to the high speed of the website, your business website will also gain a better ranking in search engines. It will make your website SEO optimized. For example, if you own a news site or sites and publish articles regularly you must have AMP installed. This will not only display your articles instantly, the Ads on your web pages will also be displayed on mobile networks without compromising its formats. User experience is the most important aspect that is considered by the Google. Being a mobile friendly pages and website it will not only impact pleasantly your ranking factors that Google uses but it will also play a great role in improving your users’ experience.

AMP is one of the most beneficial aspects that continue to evolve with time by incorporating more features to allow high visibility and performance across mobile devices.

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