The Groves Agency

Prior to specializing in Minimum Service Restaurants, The Groves Agency was like most digital firms, taking clients from any and every industry on the face of the earth.  It didn’t take long for us to realize we needed to specialize and by a stroke of luck we were able to purchase Justine’s Pizza in Fort Collins.  Our owner had long wanted to open one and by chance, one of two total became available.  Hello perfect case study!  After dissecting every aspect of Minimum Service Restaurant marketing we were able to turn things around and double business at Justine’s in 8 months.  We’ve put the heavy research and findings from our restaurant discovery phase into awesome and proven turn-key packages so our clients can focus on their customers as well as the front line of restaurant marketing: Product, People and Atmosphere.

Quality of Work

Our clients are the best people to vouch for the stellar quality of our work and our constant efforts to exceed both their and our expectations. We do not believe in quality compromises. Therefore, Groves has the strictest control measures in place related to every part of the development process from inception to execution. Whatever the scope or complexity of the project, our team ensures that it will be completed within the constraints of the given timeframe and budget. Use of the latest available technologies, powerful in-house talent, and keeping the needs of the clients above everything else, makes each of our projects stand out and get noticed.

Team Members

Our team runs long and lean, we have partners from across the globe as well as a small operations group in Northern Colorado.  By streamlining our packages and specializing in what we offer our small team along with the greatest software providers, marketing strategists and industry leading social and digital media specialists have refined how to make time and scope predictable.

Our Process


All our development and design processes are client-centric. It starts with the seed of an idea that the client plants. These relate to all kinds of projects as the design and development of websites, applications, systems, or more. Whatever the nature or scope of work you want us to complete, we execute it using the following definitive steps.

  • One-to-one discussion with the client to understand their needs
  • Creation of the blueprint that describes the plans and strategies
  • Execution of the work as per the developed strategy
  • Client feedback and incorporation of suggested revisions
  • Testing of the completed projects, more revisions
  • Final deployment of the product in the market

Location & Infrastructure

Located in Loveland, Colorado, The Groves Agency boasts a highly developed infrastructure with all the required resources, tools, and technology innovations within hands reach. Use of the best talent and techniques allows us to ensure quality controls at each step to keep our clients happy and satisfied. Whenever innovations become available in the market, we incorporate them in our packages using only what is current and happening to give businesses the competitive edge they deserve.

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